Saturday, June 21, 2008

More lego creations

My mom let me take pictures of my boat that I made with legos. I was glad I could take a picture because then I could break it and build something else. I'm so glad school is done so I have time to build things. I'm excited to play with my train set that I got for my birthday too.

Scout Camp

I got to go to a Webelos overnight campout last night. I didn't get home until 5:00 today. I'm so tired because we stayed up late and had to be up early because breakfast was at 7:30. I loved sleeping in our tent. My two good friends Kyler and Trayson were there with me and it was awesome. We had to make our own lunch today and we made hogie sandwiches. We also had chips, grapes and carrots. I loved doing the archery, but I thought the first aid stuff was a little boring because it was so hot outside. I can't wait to go again!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I hate school! It is so boring. I would rather be playing legos. Every morning we have to get up at 6:30 and leave by 7:45. School is 7 hours, which is one reason it is so boring. Music is my worst class. The music teacher is nice though. My best class is P.E. because it's fun. We have two teachers. We play basketball sometimes and dodge ball. It's pretty cool. My homeroom teacher is Mrs. Hurst and she's nice. She is also kind of funny. I am good at math and I don't hate it as much. I'm also pretty good at reading. I have learned A LOT this year. I liked homeschooling because I could be home and do what I want, but I have learned a lot more being in school so I'm glad that I'm in school now. I have made a lot of really good friends like Josh, Zach, Robbie, and lots of others. The girls are creepy though. I got chosen to be the Citizen of the Month in March. We get to go out to lunch with the principal. He's really nice. BUT....I still hate school.